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>> Hyak <<

Since 1980, Hyak Wilderness Adventures has been committed to offering B.C.’s finest rafting experience.
Many generations of guides and over 250,000 rafters from all over the world have enjoyed our first class river rafting trips.  Hyak it’s  recognised as one of Vancouver’s best rafting companies, with one of the largest fleets in Canada.

We run day trips on the Thompson River and on the Chilliwack River. We run 2 day trips on the Thompson River as well our six day trip on the  Chilko, Chilkotin and Fraser Rivers in Canada.  Since 2016, when former guides Rodolfo Rada and Logie Mclagan took over the company, they are organizing expeditions in Patagonia, Chile and other rivers in South America.

Making Hyak an all year round rafting company, summer in British Columbia then in the southern hemisphere. The beautiful and exciting rivers we run have been carefully selected so you may experience them at their optimum water levels.

>> Logie & Rudy <<

Logie Mclagan:
I was Born and raised in Vancouver, Canada. Started kayaking and took my first swift-water rescue course in 2003. After that I began working for Hyak in the summer of 2005, helping out wherever possible and getting on the water at every chance, until getting my rafting license, eventually made it to be a senior trip leader.

I also teach courses for Rescue Canada as a swiftwater rescue instructor in 2007, later expanding into ice rescue and boat rescue as well.  In 2010 I became an examiner for the BC Rafting Outfitter Association.  I have been guiding and teaching for over 12 years because I love to introduce a new generation to the amazing wilderness we call our office, both through the eyes of our clients and staff.

Rodolfo Rada Jaman:
Born in Punta Arenas, Patagonia, Chile. I’m that “local guide” with training in Canada. Always had the urge to explore the world. After guiding and travelling for many years, I realised that the tourism industry needs be a positive impact on local communities, not only on the economic side but also on the social and ecological. Started guiding in 2002 and never stopped since, had the chance to guide and kayak in Patagonia, Ecuador, Brazil, Colombia, Argentina, Canada, USA, Mexico, Zambia and Uganda. Rivers have showed me this amazing world and the need to share it with other people, has also showed me the fragile state our water sources are and the need to protect them and their river side communities.

In 2006 with the help of Hyak we started the Free Flowing Environmental Society, to spread environmental education across the continent, while doing these continental crossing expeditions using recycled oil as fuel, we demonstrated that alternative energies are the future for sustainable tourism and our new economy.

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