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Hyak was the first company in British Columbia to pursue the one and two-day paddle and oar rafting trips and since that time Hyak has grown to become one of the most recognized names in the industry.

We strive hard to create a company that focuses on both customer and employee satisfaction and for the most part we feel we have achieved this.  A beneficial relationship between a company, its clients and staff does however; require communication, organization and an ongoing effort from all of us.

Every year we welcome new guides to join our staff in Canada, the season starts in May and ends on September 30th. If you are or want to become a white-water rafting guide must contact us in advance, January and February it’s an appropriate time.

We are now opening our operation in Patagonia which will make room for international guiding experience.

Rafting guides must have a valid driver’s license, First aid training and a swift water rescue course up to date. (we run SWR once every season)

If you are not a guide and want to become one: You must be prepared to do a lot of training, some years we run 3 weeks guide schools, other years we train the new guides while the company its operating. By the middle of the season you will be a class III white-water guide license, all the certifications needed to work anywhere in the world, and if you have the right attitude we will give you a job.

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